Save The Coal Exchange is a community-led campaign to save the historic Coal Exchange in Cardiff’s Mount Stuart Square. The Exchange is an iconic piece of Welsh industrial heritage as well as being a beautiful example of Victorian architecture and design. The Trading Hall, in particular, is a stunning venue with carved wood panels, stained glass windows and a glass roof.

Following a public meeting called by the local MP, Stephen Doughty, a group of people with a range of talents and interests volunteered to take on the campaign to Save The Coal Exchange. This is now a limited, not-for-profit company with four Directors, seven working groups and a membership. This membership includes local residents, tenants, architects, historians, and people working in the arts and education.

Save The Coal Exchange is dedicated to restoring and retaining at least part of the building for public use and access, including the Trading Hall. We know that there are many different ideas for how the building could be used. Whatever emerges must be fundable, manageable and sustainable in the long term.

For now, the most important thing is to stop the deterioration of the building. We plan to restore as much as possible of the South West Wing for use by a range of small businesses. Then we must raise the substantial amounts of money needed to transform the Coal Exchange into a fully functioning building, probably in some form of mixed use that can also attract larger schemes and tenants.

We see the saving of the Coal Exchange as a key part of the regeneration of Butetown, Cardiff’s old Tiger Bay. But it is also an important part of the wider heritage of Wales and the UK. We have already received generous and supportive offers of help from a wide range of charitable, community and commercial bodies within and beyond Cardiff. We welcome more.